5The Garra Rufa is a tropical warmwater fish. It belongs to the family of carp and can be found mostly in Kangal, Turkey.

Small Fish measures between ¾” to 1 ¾” and can grow to 2 ¾” as adult. Local population discovered the ability of this fish to improve certain skin conditions.

Garra Rufa fish is also known as Doctor Fish because of the “ kisses” that are able to procure skin benefits , wellness and relaxation.

This amazing fish has many virtues that have made it famous, buth the most well-known is the natural way to remove the dead cells of the outer layer of the skin.

It is completely harmless ,  Garra Rufa do not have teeth, they only soak up dead cells from the outer layer of the skin without touching the inner layers. As part of their natural instinct  the fish generates an enzyme that regenerates the skin. It´s incredibly relaxing and enjoyable.

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