From the Greek “ Ichthys” that means “ Fish”

It is a wellness experience using authentic Garra Rufa Fish which give a pampering micro massage to your feet becoming a 100% natural, pleasant and relaxing experience.The Fish Spa experience  is pioneer in the wellness world, Garra Rufa fishes  are harmless and toothless.

Following their natural instinct and with soft kisses the Garra Rufa Fish remove the dead cells of the outer layer of the skin, they generate ad enzyme called “ dithranol” that has a moisturizing effect in the skin improving blood circulation , wellness and relaxation.

 Bio –science at your feet.

Is in nature where we can find  the fountain of youth. Science has discovered natural properties at the Garra Rufa fishes that provide benefits to the skin. The skin is divided in 3 main layers , the dead cells that ascend to the top are removed through a deep hydration. The ictiotherapy helps not just remove the dead cells but leaving the skin soft, clean and healthy.

A 100% natural experience.

With soft kisses, Garra rufa fishes remove the dead cells of the outer layer of the skin. They deeply clean the pores and help to improve the blood circulation. The success is that through these kisses, the skin receives the enzyme dithranol that works as a natural mosturizer.

 A unique sensation..

The fish Garra rufa  with their suction motion can stimulate certain acupunture points and the modular nervous system to relax your feet and get rid of stress. Results can be shown from the very first experience.

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